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The development of catalytic methods for the direct conversion of biomass to high value chemicals and liquid fuels offers an alternative to petroleum based feedstock. To achieve the best efficiency with such processes robust treatments that can break down and utilize the entire set of complex biopolymers found in plant matter must be developed. Here we develop a method to treat woody biomass that extracts valuable materials from the plant's lignin upfront while leaving the cellulosic materials for further conversion and upgrading.

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  • Parsell TH, Jarrel TM, Klein I, Degenstein J, Kim JI, Yohe SL, Venkatakrishnan VK, Choudhari H, Mehta D, Hewetson B, Zhang X, Kim ES, Bohn C, Saha B, Jiang Y, Chapple C, Meilan R, Kenttämaa H, Mosier NS, Abu-Omar M, Agrawal R, Delgass WN, Ribeiro FH. Streaming biomass into high value chemicals and fuel. Energy Frontiers Research Center Principal Investigators' Meeting, Washington DC, July 18-19.
  • Trenton Parsell; Tiffany Mae Jarrell; Ian M Klein; John C Degenstein; Jeong Im Kim; Vinod Venkatakrishnan; Harshavardhan Choudhari; Dhairya Mehta; Barron Hewetson; ximing zhang; Eurick S. Kim; Christine Bohn; Basudeb Saha; Clint Chapple; Rick Meilan; Hilkka Inkeri Kenttamaa; Nathan Mosier; Mahdi Abu-Omar; Rakesh Agrawal; Nick Delgass; Fabio H Ribeiro (2013), "Streaming biomass into high value chemicals and fuel," http://c3bio.org/resources/888.

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