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Spero Energy

The 2013 startup company provides for single-step biomass fractionation and lignin conversion to high-value chemicals.





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C3Bio - Discovery Park Transportation Research

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C3Bio is supported by the US Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences as an Energy Frontier Research Center.

C3Bio - Moving from Petroleum to Plants to Energize our World

DOE EFRC video

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Frontiers in Bioenergy - Symposium

Presentations from the 5th Purdue Bioenergy Symposium available on-line as “Resources”

Welcome to! Our vision is to develop new technologies that maximize the energy and carbon efficiencies of biofuel production by the rational and synergistic design of both physical and chemical conversion processes and the biomass itself.

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Nicholas C Carpita : Nicholas Carpita is professor of botany at Purdue University. He is recognized for his expertise in the biology of the plant cell wall, from the structures of individual molecules and their...